Summer Camp FAQ: Ultimate Camp Counselor Guide

Summer Camp Counselors



How do I apply to be a Camp Counselor?

Who is eligible to be a Summer Camp Counselor?

How old do I have to be to apply?

Is there an application deadline?

When should I apply?

Does applying early increase my chances of getting places?

Do I have to speak good English?

Do I need experience working with children?

Can I apply with a friend?

Do I need a passport to apply?

If I apply am I guaranteed a placement?

Can I choose which Camp I go to?

Do I get a refund if I am not placed?

Can I apply as a counselor and support staff member?

Do I need to be a student?

I don't teach any of the activities listed can I still apply?

Do I need a criminal record check?

I have a criminal record can I still apply?

Can I apply if I have a medical condition?

How do I find out more about American Summer Camps?

Is there someone I can speak to about the program?


What skills do I need?

What positions to camps have?

Do I need to have qualifications?


How long is the program?

I can't commit to 8-10 weeks can I still apply?

Can I arrive later than mid June?


Where are the camps?

I don't want to go to a single sex camp

Can I go to a special needs camp with no experience?

Can I go to a faith based camp?


How much does it cost to go to Camp?

How much money will I need for camp?

Do I get paid at camp?

What is the program fee for?


What is involved in the interview process?

Who will be interviewing me at my face-to-face interview?

Do I need to pay before my interview?

Is it a formal interview with formal attire?

Do I need to attend an interview?

Where do interviews take place?

What is the interview like?

I haven't heard from my interviewer what do I do?

What is an interview day?

I am out of the country, how do I do my interview?

How long do interviews last?


How do I complete a medical form?

Do I need to fill out a medical form for my VISA sponsor agency and my camp?

My doctor is unable to do complete my medical straight away, will there be any problems?

I have to pay for my medical form, is it really necessary?

Camp Director Interviews

How do Camp Directors contact me?

Do I need to prepare for my phone interview with a director?

Will the Camps contact me?

Do Camp directors really check your social media profiles?

Can I contact camps directly to get placed?


What are job fairs and can I attend one?

What happens if I need to withdraw my application?

My camp has sent me US Tax forms and immigration forms to complete can you help?

What is the biggest hold up of applications?

What photo should I use for my application?

How can I make my application standout?


What do I put in my video?

How long should my video be?

How do I reduce the size of my video?


How does the placement process work?

When will I get placed?

Do I have to accept my placement if offered one I don't want?

A camp has agreed to hire me. Do I still have to go through an application?

What happens if I don't like my placement?

I've been accepted at a Jewish Camp but I am not Jewish

How do I know if I have been accepted for a placement?

I've been placed, what happens next?

What if I don't get placed?

Is everyone paid the same amount?


Who can provide a reference?

How many references do I need?


What is the accommodation like at camp?

What types of Camps are there?

How old will the campers be?

If I don't like my camp can I change?

If I don't like my department can I change?

What will I be doing at Camp?

What does a typical day at Camp look like?

What happens if there is an emergency?

What happens if I get fired or sent home?

What is the food like at camp?

Do I have any free time at camp?

Do I get weekends off?

Can I do what I like in my free periods?

Does camp have phones and internet?

Can I take my medication at camp?

Can I smoke or drink alcohol at camp?

What is the difference between a Camp Counselor and Support Staff?

Will there be other international staff at Camp?


Flight Information

Should I get flights through my program agency or on my own?

What time should I get to the airport for my flight?

How do I book my flights?

What is the baggage allowance?

Will someone meet me at the airport when I arrive?

Can I book a 1 way ticket?


Will I meet other people going to Camp before I leave?

What should I pack?

Should I take my laptop?

Can I take my own equipment for my hired activity?

Should I wear my Camp Tshirt on the day of my flight?

Should I take a suitcase or backpack?

What happens if my availability dates change before I leave?


Should I get travel insurance when going to Camp?

Am I covered with medical insurance at Summer Camp?

What if I need to upgrade/extend my insurance for further travel?

Can I arrange my own medical insurance?

Is my insurance included in my Summer Camp program fees?

How do I submit an insurance claim?

Am I covered if I travel to Canada or Mexico?

Will my insurance cover me for after camp travel?

What constitutes a pre-existing medical condition?


What is the process to get a J-1 VISA?

What do I need to bring to my VISA appointment?

How do I book my VISA appointment?

Where are the US Embassies located?

When should I book my VISA appointment?

What if my VISA is denied at the American Embassy?

What can I supply for documentary evidence of proof of return?

Can I extend my Camp VISA?

How long does the interview take?

How long does it take to process the J-1 VISA?

Can I have two VISAs at the same time?

How do I pay my VISA fees?

How long is the VISA good for?

Can I organise my VISA before I get placed at a camp?

Can I work after camp on my VISA?

What is a DS-2019 form?

What does 'place' mean when signing my DS-2019 form?

My DS-2019 form is missing my middle name, does it matter?

I haven't received my DS-160 form where can I find this?

How do I upload the photo onto the DS-160 form?

Can I enter the USA prior to my placement date?

Do I need an ESTA?

My passport is not valid for 6 months after camp finishes. Do I need a new one?

I've lost my passport that has my VISA stamped inside, what do I do?

I have a US passport can I still apply?

What is a SEVIS ID?


Can I apply to a different camp?

Am I required to have another face-to-face appointment at the US Embassy

Do I need to submit new references and be interviewed again?

Does it cost the same as the first year?

Can I go back to the same camp?

Can I go to the same camp but through a different company?


Can I go to Canada after camp?

Can I travel anywhere in the US after camp?

Can I travel before camp?

Can I travel with a friend or family member before or after camp?

Can I leave the country?

What are the best things to see in America?

How old do I need to be to drive in America?

Can you recommend places to stay?